Books illustrated by Wayne Anderson

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Story by Wayne Anderson

Words by Christopher Logue

Published by Jonathan Cape - 1976

ISBN 0224012274

Indian Heritage Cookery

Written by Julie Sahni

Published by Walker Books – 1988

Hardback – ISBN 0744507723

Softback – ISBN 0744507146

The Magic Circus

Story by Wayne Anderson

Words by Christopher Logue

Published by Jonathan Cape – 1978

ISBN 022415559


Written by Hans Christian Andersen –
Retold by James Riordan

Hardback Published by Hutchinson – 1990

ISBN 009174329X

Softback Published by Red Fox – 1991

ISBN 0099688409

The Flight of Dragons

Written by Peter Dickinson

Published by Pierrot/ New English Library – 1978

ISBN 0905310322

Made into a full length (100 minutes) animated film characters and backgrounds created by Wayne Anderson

The Reindeer Herder and The Moon

Written by Bob Barton

Published by BBC/Longman – 1990

ISBN 0563347627

The Magic Inkstand

Written by Heinrich Seidel

Published by Jonathan Cape – 1982

ISBN 022418566

Pocket Rockets

Written by Anne Civardi

Published by David Bennett Books – 1991

Real Monsters – ISBN 1856020851

Phantoms – ISBN 1856020878

Fiction Fiends – ISBN 185602086X

Beastly Myths – ISBN 1856020886

A Mouses Tale

Story by Wayne Anderson

Words by Naomi Lewis

Published by Jonathan Cape – 1984

ISBN 0060201096

Through a Looking Glass –

The Pictures of Wayne Anderson

Written by Nigel Suckling

Published by Paper Tiger – 1992

ISBN 1850282129

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